Nanda is such a kind, genuine and supportive presence and because of this I have felt safe to explore some of the most difficult feelings I have carried throughout my life. Nanda has a gift for making people feel safe and no matter what I told her I knew she would not judge me. Nanda has helped me not only gain awareness but also deeply embody the insights we uncover in the sessions which has led to big shifts in my life. I cannot thank Nanda enough for her wisdom and guidance.

Tara M-B.

I had the privilege of working with Nanda during our counselors training and found her sessions to be really good. She has a grounded, genuinely interested, empathic and direct approach that really fit me well and helped me connect to deep longings from within. I particularly enjoyed her clarity and the way she adapted her pace as to what I needed along the way. I deeply respect and highly recommend her work.

Albert B.

Nanda is an exceptionally warm and skillful counselor. As someone who works with people – I quickly noticed that she was genuinely listening and offering her guidance from a deep place of understanding. As a result of working with Nanda I’ve enjoyed better calmness and compassion for myself and in my relationships. If you are seeking a counselor my recommendation is to give her a shot!

Dai K-W.

I get so much out of working with Nanda. Sessions with her always feel like a rewarding journey, expertly guided by her humour, insight and an understanding of the importance and beauty of language. She has a special talent for helping you see yourself more fully and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Alexander B.

Nanda is a special person and a truly fine counselor. In her typical warm, soft and loving presence I felt very safe to explore my inner depths. Together we landed gently in the heart of the matter where healing can take place. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Elfried K.

It is rare to sit with someone with the quality of presence that Nanda brings to her sessions. It is a gift. I have experienced her as a compassionate and caring Counsellor with a real calling to this work. I have found her to be wise and intelligent with courage and insight. I have no hesitation to recommend her.

Anne D.