• Do you need covid-19 support?
  • Do you feel stressed, tired, burned out, numb, have difficulty to focus or feel joy?
  • Is the voice of your mind running your life?
  • Do your past experiences affect your daily life?
  • Do you wonder if there’s more to life than sleep-work-entertainment-sleep?

My name is Nanda and I am a holistic counselor. A holistic counseling session with me gives you space to take a break from this hectic world full of uncertainties and be present with what is.

I strongly believe in your own unique ability to find and work through what it is that can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. It is my privilege to support you on your path to increased wellbeing, self-knowledge and inner peace.

I offer holistic counseling sessions in Swedish, English and Dutch. Sessions can be in person or online and are offered to you as private person or in a business setting.

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